Silver Starlites

 Picture-Gallery 2010-2011

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2011 NBTA New York State Solo WInners

 2011 Silver Starlites

 Pawling Parade 2011

Renegades Game 

 Starlite Picnic 2011

Car Wash 2011 

 Ice cream after a hard day of Summer Boot Camp!

 Regionals 2011

 Miss Majorette of New York 2011

Starlite Recital 


 TU & Somers CT

Thanks Kara! 

MA States 

 Winterfest 2010

 Coach of the Year 2011

 St. Patrick's Day Parade NYC

 New York State 2011

U2 The Best of Now That's What I Call Music! 10th Anniversary 20 Beautiful Day.mp3

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